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Long time no see! Sadly my real life drags me away from the game for extended periods but, for now, I'm back!

Last week I participated in one of our Radical Renovations challenges over at The Sims Daily forum. The point of this challenge is to renovate existing EA houses on a small budget of 10.000 simoleons. I decided to put hammer to stone (or, rather, mouse to buy/build mode) and overhaul "The Monotone", which can be found on 72 Water Lily Lane in Sunset Valley. Today, on request, I'm sharing my "The New Monotone" with you all.

You can download a furnished or an unfurnished version of the house (exported from a game patched to 1.50). I used only EA and Store items for this house, with a few custom patterns. The downloads themselves do not contain any items, you will have to have them in your game to show up! You can find the (short) list of items I used at the bottom. If you do not have all of these items in your own game, they simply won't show up and you can replace them with a similar item.


Unfurnished: (No items Included)

Furnished: (No items Included) 

Item List (Unfurnished):

EPs & SPs used:
  • EP4: Generations (Spiral Staircase)
  • EP6: Showtime (Windows)

Store Items:


Item List (Furnished):

All items listed from the unfurnished house AND:

EPs & SPs used:
  • Items from all EPs used (EP1-EP9)
  • SP3: Outdoor Living Stuff
  • SP4: Town Life Stuff

CC Item:

  • Granthes OMSP. This is the only piece of CC I used that you need for this house.

Store Items:


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Today I bring you another request, made for Joy over at The Sims Daily. Mo Chang is a product of her imagination, all I did was give him a new appearance. I made him with custom sliders and slider reach set to x3 but as long as you don't change his facial structure that won't be a problem.

I have two downloads from which you can choose, both of which are .sim formats and free of any CC, the details and CC list can be found at the bottom. I hope you enjoy!

THIS DOWNLOAD carries the CC footprint. It doesn't contain any CC but if you put the CC in your game seperately (or if you already have it), it will show up. Missing pieces of CC will simply be replaced by base-game items.
THIS DOWNLOAD does not carry a CC footprint. That means that even if you have some of the CC I used on Mo Chang it won't show up.

CC List: (Clothing Excluded)

(Note: This is the only piece of CC that qualifies as "essential" to preserve his appearance, without a skintone that highlights Asian facial features he won't appear quite so... well... Asian)
Asian Skintones (Non-Default) by Lady Frontbum

Pure Eyes Contacts by Shady

(Facial) Hair
Male Hair 10 by Raonjena
Unisex Eyebrow 2 by Trapping (GoS Advent 2010)
Wispy Beard by Lotus

Cheek Pores by Shyne
Eyebags by Shyne
Realipstick by Shyne
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It has been one crazy year with barely any time for simming but none of that matters right now.

It's summer.
It's work-free.
It's time for simming!
It's time for sharing!

This apartment building was created as a request for Kimmi over at The Sims Daily. The building is located on a 20x20 lot and you could use it as a seperate building (like it is now), or in a row along your canal. You'd just have to delete the windows on the sides if the latter, in which case every room still gets plenty of sunlight. The building houses 4 apartments, stacked on top of each other. You can choose to play with all of them active, or, you can read this very quick and easy tutorial on how to make it function like an actual apartment building where only one of the apartments is visible/playable.

The download should be free of any CC, you can find the (short) list of CC I used at the bottom. Enjoy!!

CC List:

Windows & Doors
City Build Set by Einfach Simlish, updated by Megativity (Various Windows & Doors)
Town Build Set by Einfach Simlish, updated by Megativity (Various Windows)
Old Town: Starter Kit by EA Store (Archway & Window)

Paris Metro Fence by Around The Sims 3
Metal Balcony Railing by Shakeshaft @ TSR (Fence With Circle)
NB: If this pay item isn't available to you, you can easily replace it with the Canal Fence from Around the Sims 3. It isn't as high though so be sure to lower the fence planters.

Art by Blog Paintings by Baufive
Canal Street Light by Around The Sims 3
Decor for Doorways by Awesims (Duncan Window Set)
Fence Planters by Wondymoon @ TSR (Ivy & Flowers)
Wall Mailboxes (Deco) by Around The Sims 3

Brick Patttern 57 by Ayyuff @ TSR

I also included one of my own patterns in this building. I created a set of plaster patterns as a Participation Prize last year but I figure it's time to share these with everyone. It's a set of 8 recolourable patterns available only in .package format because I created them with Delphi's Pattern Packager.

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It's been a while, but I finally created something that is not meant as a Participation Prize over at the LivingSims Forum. Today no one's got to do anything for their CC! Well... except download it.

I bring you a set of 8 Contemporary patterns with 2 recolourable channels each. Every pattern is included in threefold, each with a different scale.

Big: 1 segment per tile.
Medium: 4 segments per tile.
Small: 8 segments per tile.

You can pick and choose which one you like best, or just take them all of course! The patterns are only available as package files since they were created with Delphy's Pattern Packager.

I hope you enjoy them!

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I apologize for the lack of updates!

Between celebrating the first week of my holiday, trying to fix an internet problem, re-organizing my Custom Content, and a few LivingSims projects I've been working on, I haven't been able to create anything to upload.

What I have been creating, however, is the Participation Prize for Deelightful's lovely Say "I Do" in Style challenge, which she is hosting at the LivingSims forum. The task is to choose a theme for a wedding and decorate a venue accordingly for that ultimate dream wedding. It's a very creative and inspiring challenge that has already seen a lot of stunningly beautiful wedding venues. Hop over to her challenge (Say "I Do" in Style), check out all the wonderful entries, and I bet you will feel inspired to participate yourself!

Everyone who participates gets the following prize; a set of 14 wedding related Vintage Art boxes. There are 7 boxes for him, and 7 for her, to ensure a perfect preparation for that perfect day! The art is by various artists across the web, and the mesh is from Karas Watching Society.

So show us your dream wedding and get these for your sims!


Jul. 2nd, 2011 11:16 pm
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It's over!

Well... at least for now. No more debating whether or not expressionism has a place in 21st century Architecture. No more analyzing Rotterdam's new urban development plans. No more slaving over why Ledoux's Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans is the epitome of 18th century Architecture. No more.

It's summer time!

Of course this joyful fact was cause for celebration. After hanging above my study books for the past several weeks the summer vibe tasted that much sweeter. The longing for sun, sea and sand is almost uncontrollable; especially since Holland's summer is off to a bad start with wind, cold and lots of rain.

In an attempt to bring the summer a little closer to myself, my Sims and anyone else stuck in grey weather, I created a Beach Towel Painting Series consisting of six paintings. It's a recolour of Repulsively Desirous BV Square mesh, using pictures of Debbie Miller's contemporary oil paintings. They're perfect to lighten up even the dullest walls of your summer rental at the beach. Or just for your walls at home; for those who wish to keep the stark white sands and crystal blue waters of the beach close to their hearts.

The entire set was made on all four BV Square mesh sizes. They cost 100 simoleans each, both the frame and the border are recolourable, and you can find them all under Paintings & Posters. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!


Jun. 30th, 2011 12:41 am
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Welcome weary traveler, to my own little corner of Dreamwidth.

I'm a 22 year old Architecture student from Holland and my biggest passions are Architectural Design, Interior Design, Writing, and The Sims 3. It's a fair bet to say that this journal will be filled with exactly that. My very own creative outlet; a mishmash of that which awes me, that which inspires me, and that which I created. Photographs, screen shots, stories, TS3 custom content; it will all be here.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, and to "kick off" my journal here is a snapshot from one of my favourite sites that I like to visit for inspiration.


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